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Thursday, June 27, 2013

I do believe it is time for an update!  I really haven´t had good computer/internet access, so I havent had to chance to write at all.  We have internet at the house where I am staying, but it stops working randomly and when it does work someone else needs to use it.  No matter, I brought a bunch of books and the first two seasons of Boardwalk Empire to keep me entertained in my downtime.

I have not done much sightseeing or anything special to Ecuador yet, but I have been able to see and learn a ton in the hospital I am in.   I am working with a hematologist, Dr. Hidalgo, who is an incredible doctor and probably one of the most popular people in the hospital.  I am surprised he can get any work done because he has to stop every view second to say hello and exchange hugs and the traditional South American cheek kisses.  I am definitely luck to be with such a compassionate, patient doctor and I am excited to see how the next two weeks progress.

My Spanish isn´t terrible, but I wish I had taken more courses in college (more than just the one).  I understand probably about 60% of what is said which makes medical conversations difficult.  At least I can read Spanish well and I am familiar with the leukemias/lymphomas which comprise most of his cases.  All the other students leave around noon which leaves me with one-on-one tutoring until 3pm when he heads off to the university to teach classes.  Seriously, I don´t know how he does it, the guy´s day is booked from 4am until 8pm.

I am hoping to travel some this weekend and get to see more of Quito and Ecuador.  What I have seen of Quito is fabulous and I hope to post some pictures once I get the chance.  I haven´t been able to try much food either because everyone is very protective of me and says the food isn´t safe.  I will stick to their suggestions for a few days, but I think I will venture out and try the ceviche and street food soon.

I just got my first board score back and did really well, so I am going to go buy a beer and celebrate!

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