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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 6- Return from Cuzco

Day 6- Return from Cuzco

It was nice to be able to sort-of sleep in after last night’s awful drive home and even nicer to be able to eat the delicious El Dorado breakfast one last time. Rolando was set to meet with us at 10 and get us to the airport. Austin and I got packed up and ready quickly, and we ended up waiting on Mauricio like usual. Rolando was a little late, but I had no problems with getting to the airport at a reasonable time instead of ridiculously early like we always end up being.

Austin came up with the term “Brolando” and told him his new nickname. We have this song about Brolando Broin’ it up, then Blowin it up, then uh uh uh… anyways, we will perform it upon our return, and hopefully we can get Jasmin to do a Spanish rap, because all we have is this chorus. The drive over was short and painless, and checking our bags was as well. We took a picture with Brolando and said our final goodbyes… it is sad because we will probably never see him again, and he was such a nice guy that helped us out a lot. He will be remembered forever.

We met a father and son from Colorado that traveled to Peru together for a father-son trip. Apparently the father, who had to be in his late sixties, got in an awful motorcycle accident during one of their ventures in Peru, but at least he was ok. It was cool to see a guy with Denver Broncos apparel in Peru. It made me feel a lot more connected. We had to wait for our plane for what felt like forever yet again. I passed the time by playing a little simon (I am averaging in the 30’s now which is pretty impressive if I say so myself) and talking with the guys. We ended up boarding the plane a little after noon, so we were set to arrive at about 1:30. I used the flight to catch up on my journal, because it has become so difficult to keep up on it. It seriously feels like homework sometimes, especially when I am trying to keep pictures on the blog and whatnot. I know it will be nice to have it all in the end though.

Roxanna was waiting for us in Lima, so we grabbed our luggage and climbed in for the hour ride home. Once we got back, I sorted my clothes and put them in Mafud’s closet, who was nice enough to spare us quite a bit of space. I feel like we live here now, because we have so many clothes in his closet. Oh well, it is nice to not live out of my bag, especially on such a long venture. It wasn’t long before lunch was ready which was spaghetti (to which I added copious amounts of ahi!!). It was really good, and I could not be enjoying the food here more.

Everyone was pretty tired and in a lazy, lazy mood, so we hung out around the house for a couple hours, had a couple beers, and caught up on our journals and blogs. I also fit in some time for calling Allison, which is nice because I feel like I never actually have time to call her, and I definitely cant call her whenever I told her I would try to, because my plans never work out. We debated amongst ourselves what we felt like doing, but we were pretty torn between going and doing something and just chilling for the night. Maury’s friend Felipe would be the deciding factor in our night’s plans.

He came over around 7, and we sat and talked to him upstairs for at least an hour. He and Mafud made quick work of the rest of my Cheeze-Itz, which I found pretty funny to be honest. They love unhealthy treats probably more than I do, which is pretty impressive. It was nice to be rid of them, especially because they had spilt in my luggage, and I was kindof holding a grudge against them. Anyways, Felipe is interesting, and it was fun talking to him. He is super spoiled, lives a lavish life, and is rough around the edges (he is also fairly racist on top of everything else). Despite his faults, he is apparently a great friend to Mauricio, and he is always the first one to come see Maury when he comes back in town.

We decided to grab burgers with Felipe (which is funny because he is definitely a larger Peruvian than any one I have actually seen). The drive was about 30 minutes, but Felipe would drive much more to get a burger I would imagine. He talked a little about the differences in Peruvian lifestyle and how the similarities to the caste system, which I found interesting and sad. The rest of the time was spent on black, jew and women jokes, and there cant be many more people who know more than he does. Seriously, he is a little racist. Our burgers were good, and it was worth the $6 for the fancy burger, the Arnold Palmer (half lemonade, half tea… still called an AP in Peru though, haha) and the 6 chicken wings I got (again, I doused everything in Ahi sauce, I love that stuff). I think Austin actually got a little carsick on the way there, but he felt better after we got back. I am glad I have been lucky enough not to feel sickness of any sort during my trip here… hopefully, my luck will continue.

Felipe dropped us off at maury’s house, and we all felt like it was about time to go to bed. Jake and I actually ended up staying awake until around 2 because we were working on our journals, and I was doing my best to update and format my blog which is a total bitch to do. I don’t know why I care so much, because no one really reads it because the posts are so huge… but at the same time, I use it as my journal, and I really don’t want to have to do my journal and blog posts separately. This is especially difficult because I am so thorough we everything we do, that it takes up a lot of my time.

Anyways, I spent a couple hours on the blog stuff and then made my way to bed. Jake and I couldn’t remember how to set the alarm, so we had to wake Maury up to get it done. I felt bad, but apparently thievery is a big issue here, and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for not getting the alarm set. It would have been nice if I could have passed out right away, but the snoring is ridiculous. I laid away for at least 15 minutes hoping Austin would stop his snoring, and he finally did; however, Mafud started snoring just seconds after Austin stopped… fml right? It is like they were tag-team sleep depriving me, and I was about to kill one of them, but I ended up drifting asleep somehow in the midst of the duo trumpets. At least there wouldn’t be too much to do the next day.

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